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Markets are Conversations
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The days of one way marketing communications by megaphone are long gone!

Today you need to Engage with customers. This requires, first of all the right corporate culture and attitude of openness. If you still think of the social web as a fad watch the video below and the answer should become crystal clear.

To succeed in this brave new world where markets are conversations, customers are in control of your brand and transparency is total, you need expert advice and support.

To get you started on the path to smart, successful marketing on the social web requires
a three step process, no short cuts, no quick fixes.

It is essential to find the right answers to these key questions:


Why are you thinking of getting started with engaging your audience on the social web in the first place? Because everyone else is doing so? Because the media is writing almost daily about the latest and greatest tools like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube? Or is it because you have realized that standing on the sidelines is no longer an option. Only after finding convincing, satisfying answers to this question of "why?" is it time to address the next one:


How are you going to do this and which are the best tools available? The tools that are necessary to engage, to first of all listen to the conversation taking place about your organization, your brand on the social web with our without your active participation. Once those tools have been evaluated for their effectiveness, the last of the three fundamental questions can be addressed:


What is the message that needs to be crafted? The compelling story that makes you worth considering and buying from, but even more importantly for talking about and recommending to friends by word of mouth and mouse. To become a fan or evangelist for. The development of these essential steps is not intended to make this complicated or confusing, on the contrary it is based on the long established principle of “tactics follow strategy”


Digital Impact Solutions
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