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Google Travel’s Grand Plan?

Here is my comment on today’s Skift article about Google Travel: The main reason Google might well succeed in the long term is that they seem to approach travel without the preconceived notions and even terminology of the travel insiders. None of these major players have over nearly twenty years of trying truly been able(…)

How to measure Social Media ROI

Here is a very informative Infographic dealing with the perennial topic of Social Media ROI For the complete article click here

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly | Copyblogger

via copyblogger.com Yes! It’s about time that grammar is given its due, people. Posted via email from JEBstream

How to measure ROI

There has been an ongoing discussion about the ever present ROI of social web engagement. Like many others, I disagree with those who claim there is none, or no way to measure it. This short video shows how to tackle the issue. It is definitely possible to actually measure return based on defined objectives and(…)

Here is my Google+ ID card

This is a cool little feature showing the profile information as a small badge. Posted via email from JEBstream

Google Offers Selling Zagat Guides

Google Offers Selling Zagat Guides Three Months after Acquisition launch.is/blog/google-of… via @Launch — Jason Calacanis (@Jason) December9, 2011 via twitter.com This is a test of the Tweet posting function in Posterous. Posted via email from JEBstream

Social Media ROI – A Comedy!

To all the Schmoos out there who have doubts about the whole social thing…..

The Case for Social Web Marketing

For the past few years, social media has developed from being a topic written about only by some early adopters and specialist media to one recognized by just about anyone and covered by main stream media. Organizations in any industry and sector have started to recognize that this is not a short term fad but(…)

The Real Cost of Social Media

via focus.com This infographic contains some very useful data on social web engagement including cost estimates that seem reasonable based on the assumptions made. Each case will likely differ based on already existing resources and components. What is clear, is that social media campaigns are not free if planned and prepared well and sustained over(…)

Travelers turn back to travel agents

For years, it looked as though the travel agent had gone the way of the milkman. As online booking sites soared in popularity, travel agents became the butt of jokes. But the travel agent has been given a reprieve, as travelers are starting to need vacations from planning their vacations. “Not only are customers confused(…)