Facebook Poised to Take 
Geo-Networking Mainstream

Social Site Announces Location-Based Functionality, Marketers Eager to Leverage ‘Check-Ins’ Look for Scale

Facebook entering this space, will have the potential to generate not only huge mainstream interest but presents a great revenue opportunity for a wide range of local travel services providers who could partner with retailers in their location to alert visitors of their presence. A hotel or restaurant could alert its patrons of a special deal for a city tour, a museum exhibitor local excursion. For high value clients, like “mayors” a discount could be offered for it or a free bonus entry. The possibilities are wide ranging to boost local business by cross referencing and referrals.

Again, DMOs are challenged to play a role in making their local businesses aware of this opportunity and enable or coordinate partnerships between them and with Facebook or in the meantime on a smaller scale with existing players like Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl and Loopt.