Web 3.0 – a story about the Semantic Web

This excellent video by Kate Ray is really about the future of the web and the ongoing intensive discussion about how to shape it and make it a reality.

What’s clear to me is that if we are able to realize the semantic web it would be a great boost to the overall usefulness of the web as the present search based model – stated by some of the interviewers – no longer serves us adequately. The need for relevance becomes clearer every day as we go about our daily tasks on the web. In my opinion, the social web can be a step in the right direction to improve this relevance, provided the data supplied by the huge numbers of participants can be captured and presented without compromising individual privacy to an unacceptable extent. A sensitive area as the recent Facebook controversy has shown. Clearly we’re still far removed from having solved some key issues that need solutions before it will happen.

Web 3.0 from Kate Ray on Vimeo.