• Interesting post. I read Seth Godin’s post and agree that marketing comes before the product in most successful cases.

    I think you are right that marketing a destination is difficult, however I think that even with Travel, the marketing comes before the Product. Only the marketing of a destination is done collectively or by local government, and it is VERY difficult for individual operators to alter this.

    New Zealand has numerous examples of towns finding what tourists want (not always deliberately) and building the ‘destination’ around it. Queenstown isn’t the “extreme sport capital” of the world by accident.

    • I agree. In both cases marketing comes before the product. What I’m saying is that tourism marketers face a tougher challenge than the package consumer goods people who so often get all the raves about their marketing skills, when it should be the former.

  • The chicken or the egg, right? I’m not sure which side I lean to, but appreciate the insights. Great blog, btw.

  • I have to agree. You have to have a good marketing plan and idea before you spend a lot of time creating a product.