• Old travel has to innovate, but it is difficult to give up the tired business practices of traditional marketing & pr and fearing the competition instead of embracing the spirit of coopetition.

    • Thanks for your comment, Pat. They sure do need to act sooner rather than later if they want to stay in the game and prosper. The old dog won’t hunt that much longer……

  • i think it will continue that tech companies will show the old guard travel industry the way forward.

    It’s probably too difficult for tour operators to become tech companies and remain focused on being a good tour operator which is why as a travel specialised tech comapny we build systems that allow travel comapnies to be better travel companies.

    i’ll have more for you specifically on your partnership comments once our next iteration comes out of private alpha

  • Hi,

    It’s a good point you made about the OTA’s taking a while to get on the net. There’s now trying to hover up the start companies and are finding that some of the start ups are bigger than them, but with a better business model and more cash in the bank.

  • Your article is very informative to all of us. They must formulate innovative ways for some tech companies. Nice job. Thanks!

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    Travel Tips

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  • Jake cooper

    great post..

  • Jake cooper

    great post..