Review Branding Commercial

92% of consumers now read online reviews for a local business before deciding which one to choose.
90% say online reviews influence their decisions.
72% say that positive reviews make them trust a business more.
88% trust online reviews from strangers as much as personal recommendations.

This is proof positive that the most effective way to attract new customers for your business is by having a great reputation?
I think you will then agree that it is important for you to first get a great reputation, but then make people looking for your business aware of it by showing them recent five star reviews from your existing, satisfied customers?
Watch this brief video to learn how this can be done using the tool people going online today pay most attention to – Video!

NOTE: Facebook now allows the image on a Facebook Business Page to be replaced by a video. This is a great new feature. That space is the online equivalent of having a giant billboard on a busy highway. Make the best use of it by featuring your great reputation with the same review branding commercial. Click Here to see an example of how great this looks. Then let us know if you want to add this option.

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